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Your cover letter and resume are perhaps some of the most important documents you will ever produce. What you say, how you present it, and whether it is grammatically correct will all have an influence on a potential employer’s decision to interview you.

First, your cover letter, or letter of intent, will determine if a potential employer will even read your resume. Think of the cover letter as the gate to your future. The cover letter is the first document the prospective employer will read, and it will have significant impact over whether an interview is granted at all.

Your cover letter and resume are perhaps some of the most important documents you will ever produce.
If your cover letter has appeal and is professionally prepared, the prospective employer will move on to your resume. This is where your unique skills and abilities must shine.

A poorly crafted document will garner only a cursory glance. On the other hand, a document that is visually appealing with pertinent phrases that highlight your best attributes will be granted a closer scrutiny—even if your actual work experience is limited!

After Words Proofreading Services are experts in cover letter and resume writing.

We will ensure your cover letter is formatted in the correct style for a business letter, is grammatically correct, and conveys an appealing and confident picture of you, the applicant.

We’ll fine-tune your resume to utilize key phrases that highlight your skills, and we’ll create a visually appealing format that is sure to impress. And of course, both documents will be scrutinized to ensure grammatical accuracy.

Don’t risk losing an opportunity for an important interview because your cover letter and resume are not the best they can be.

Items we’ll address include:

  • correct business letter format
  • correct spelling
  • formatting conventions for the document types
  • proper verb tense
  • correct and varied sentence structure
  • appropriate sentence length and complexity
  • consistency
  • tautologies
  • correct use of homonyms and homophones
  • appropriate tone for the intended audience
  • visual appeal
  • consistent font size and type
  • accurate page numbering
  • consistent paragraph spacing
  • overall flow of the documents
  • and more

Let After Words Proofreading Services open the gate to your future. Click here to submit your document today!