Legal Proofreading Service McAllen

At After Words Proofreading Services, we’re not legal experts. We rely on attorneys for that. But we are proofreading experts, and we can help with your legal documents to ensure accuracy and professionalism.

Free up your important time with After Words Proofreading.
We recognize that busy law offices are concerned with a great many issues other than proofreading their legal documents. After Words Proofreading Services can free up your important time by checking for the following:

  • grammatical errors
  • correct spelling
  • proper verb tense
  • correct and varied sentence structure
  • appropriate sentence length and complexity
  • consistency in style
  • tautologies
  • correct use of homonyms and homophones
  • point of view
  • tone appropriate for the audience
  • headings to create white space
  • arguments that are logically organized
  • clarity of central theme or message
  • simplicity of message
  • clear meaning
  • minimized passive voice
  • overstatement
  • repetition
  • defined acronyms
  • consistent font size and type
  • accurate page numbering
  • consistent paragraph spacing
  • overall flow of the document
  • and more

Your expertise is the law. Ours is proofreading and editing. Use our proofreading services to free up your valuable time. Confidentiality is guaranteed, and your utmost satisfaction is the goal at After Words Proofreading Services.