Academic Proofreading Services McAllen

Gain a competitive edge with our academic proofreading services.
After Words Proofreading Services can edit and proofread your academic work to increase your grade potential. We understand that not every student has the time or the grammar skills to ensure a nearly-flawless paper. After all, you may not be an English major—but we are!

After Words Proofreading Services is here to help by reviewing your work for the following:

  • grammatical errors
  • correct spelling
  • formatting conventions for the document type
  • proper verb tense
  • correct and varied sentence structure
  • appropriate sentence length and complexity
  • consistency in style
  • tautologies
  • correct use of homonyms and homophones
  • appropriate tone for the intended audience
  • visual appeal
  • point of view
  • clarity of central theme or message
  • consistent font size and type
  • accurate page numbering
  • paragraph spacing
  • captions for images
  • overall flow of the document
  • accurate table of contents
  • and more

In addition, if requested, we’ll review your references and citations to ensure they are in the correct style.

Don’t let lack of proofreading be the reason you get a lower grade than you deserve. Whether it’s an essay, a research paper, or a dissertation, your document will gain a competitive edge with our academic proofreading services. Afterwards, your GPA will thank you!