Jane Smith, Owner of After Words Proofreading

Jane Smith, Owner of After Words Proofreading

A life-long reader and lover of the written word, Jane Smith is the owner of After Words Proofreading Services, with many years of experience in rhetoric including a bachelor of arts in English and a graduate-level certificate in professional and technical writing (with a 4.0 GPA). Jane also has a bachelor of applied science in organizational leadership, giving her keen insight into the unique communication needs of various types of organizations.

Long considered the unofficial proofreader for family, friends and co-workers (including those in the field of academia), Jane brings exceptional skills to the proofreading and editing business.

With a team of qualified personnel who likewise have outstanding skills in the written word, After Words Proofreading Services applies a high level of professionalism and accuracy to ensure all final drafts meet their rigorous standards of excellence.

After Words Proofreading Services is the only professional proofreading and editing service located in McAllen and serving the Rio Grande Valley and surrounding areas. And with an online presence, they don’t limit themselves to just south Texas. Most projects can easily be conducted completely online, allowing After Words Proofreading Services to assist clients in almost any locale.

Offering rates that are below the industry average, After Words Proofreading Services is one of the best investments you can make in your own success. Click here to submit your document today!